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Hi All

I have a Juwel Rio 300. I have messed around with planted for a while, had some success and some not.

I am planning a rescape on the 14th April, plants and everything have been ordered :)

So to the topic!, i currently have 4 x 54w Juwel daylight bulbs running in the tank. My mind is boggled with the spectrum info for the plants. i am guessing i need a broad range? and as i have 4 bulb spaces i could go with 1 of each and 1 extra . Soo confusing!!

What is the best combination to aid plant growth, inc HC etc. And in what order should i place these, from front to back.
Being juwel i am limited! I have come across Dennerle & Juwel HO.

Link to juwel

Link to Dennerle
Trocal Tubes | Dennerle

Many thanks for your help :) i will post pics when the rescape is completed.
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