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what algae or other non-rooting plants are out there ?

freshwater is lacking in macro-algae it seems - or at least not talked about :(

for any paying attention to various posts of mine, and recently trying to merge a DSB with a planted tank.

so trying to get away from roots ...

what is out there ?

hair algae, cladophora algae, ... staghorn algae, ... there's gotta be more, there's gotta be specific algae species too

these algaes we are familiar with, ... does anyone know of any others or specific species that may be larger ?, like the various macro-algae out there in marine systems, ... i would like to believe they can't be the only one that has spectacular algae.

for non-vascular plants, ... there's various aquatic mosses, there's riccia (not interested in) but here's gotta be all kinds that don't have roots, will never have roots, and will be content to attach to a surface they're sitting against for anchorage.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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