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I do love me some loaches. I've got a thread posted about The Loach Motel in the freshwater pix section. I added four more yo-yos to it the other week bringing the total stock to:
- 2 Weather Loaches
- 1 Sand Loach
- 5 Yo-Yo Loaches
- 3 Striped Loaches
- 1 Burmese Border Loach
- 6 Young Male Fancy Guppies

I was watching them all eating a couple of evenings ago, and thought to myself that the stocking level as is is just about right. Everyone's going to get bigger, and there's plenty of room in the tank yet, but with everyone coming out for food it gets a bit crowded down in front. However, my Burmese Border Loach is lonely. The difference in demeanor in the one yoyo I had in there is dramatically more pleasant now that he has 4 more to hang with, and I'd like to get the same effect with my BBL (who's way too shy ATM.)

Now, I have a shoal of 5 Striped Loaches in my 55 in the living room. I was pondering trying to catch the three in the Loach Motel and add them to the shoal downstairs to free up space for more BBLs in the Loach Motel. (Current stocking in the 55: 2x Female Bristlenosed Plecos, 3x Kuhli Loaches, 5x Striped Loaches, 12x Harlequin Rasboras, 8x Cherry Barbs - Heavily planted.)

So the idea - move 3 striped loaches from the Loach Motel to Angkor Wat and add 4 Burmese Border Loaches to the Loach Motel (after a 2 week quarantine.)

So what say you all? Good Idea? Bad? Brilliant? Getting involved in a land war in Asia stupid?
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