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Hey, all.

I recently came into possession of a single male platy. I've never owned platys before, so Im a bit nervous! I'm not new to fish as a whole, though- so I've got that covered.

Here's some back story, feel free to skip, but this may help answer my questions..

Two girls down the hall (both notoriously lazy and horrible at fish keeping...) got two fish in a small, unfiltered, unheated 1 gallon bowl from walmart. One was a large fish, pure white and lovely, and the other a medium-sized blue platy male.

I gave them my filter and a second spare .5 QT tank, just to separate them for the time. The white fish died and the platy inherited the filtered tank. Surprisingly, it lived for a while.

I figured it'd actually have a fighting chance, but the lazy you-know-whats didnt change the water for upwards of 2 weeks. I changed the water and it smelled putrid. If you sniff my tanks, they have no smell. That smelled... I cant even say, ugh.

Anyway. I decided to give the one girl heck and remind her to change the water, which (after quite a talking to) she agreed to do. I took the fish for the weekend to nurse it to health.

While in my care, he went from a milky white and brown color to blue, grey (head) and a dark spot on his tail.

It only took 20 minutes for him to get better! His ammonia had been off the charts in his bowl, so just clean water did wonders.

I had him for a day when the girl came back and said if I gave him back, he'd be flushed alive. I couldnt let him die like that, especially when he was (now) fine. I decided to keep him.

Sorry for size...

Him after an hour or so, still pale but getting there...

SO, ANYWAY, end of back story.


Due to the mentioned neglect, he's got inflamed gills and gets very stressed (pale) VERY easily. I try to combat this with darkness (covering the tank for a while), keeping the water clean, and having an obnoxious amount of plants to hide in. Would his gills recover in time with a good diet and clean water?

He also swims around like crazy... He never stops. Is this normal behavior? He seems fine and enjoys it, and doesnt appear to be flashing, etc.

His dorsal is a brown-ish color, is this a normal coloration?

(feeling better on day two, normally his head is darker, but the pics stressed him out)

(The brown on his dorsal, also a little darker!):


I didnt intend to have this fish, and do not have an appropriate sized tank. I also CANNOT, period, get a bigger tank. I just cant. I might not even be able to keep him in the tank he has now, because my parents do not like when I return from college and have more than 5 gallons (which I already have).

He's in a 2 gallon planted cookie jar tank (walmart, $10!!). Its filtered with a tetra whisper 3i and heated by a marineland 10w to usually 78-82'F, depending on how chilly the window is. The temp is constant, but it depends on the day.

He lives with snails (MTS) and has a large amount of water sprite, anacharis, small swords and ferns. The bottom is capped black with eco complete and there is a layer of cheap pink gravel (my roommate wanted it, ack!)

There are also fake plants in back to allow him to hide from the sun when it's shining as well as a tall driftwood to hide behind.

I know he needs a larger tank. I know. But I canttt! :( This was my plant grow out, I did what I could.

so long as his water is kept well (which it will be!), will he be alright in this tank?

He is also alone. Obviously, its a small tank. I dont plan on getting another fish, BUT... Maybe... if it would benefit him to have another platy in there, I would get another for his sake.

Will he get lonely?

Im used to bettas, so social fish are new to me.

(The tank, sorry for size... Its heavily planted, but thats hard to see because of the distortion of the cookie jar...)
Zooming around the bottom...


I feed Applesauce (roommate named him, lloooll!) TetraMin Plus flakes, a few pinches a day (he eats well)... they're 46% protein... I dont know if thats super important to platies... Again, never owned them before.The first ingredient is fish meal.

Thanks for reading this huge post. I'm just concerned for this little fellow. He had a terrible 2+ week stint with those girls, and I feel for him.

I'm trying to convince my mother to allow me to keep him, even though I'd need to have his 2gallon as well as my 5 gallon at home, which she wont like. If that doesnt work, I'm going to try to find him a well kept community tank.

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I just read in this site's section on platys they like their water cooler, around 75'F...

That conflicts with LITERALLY EVERYTHING that I've read so far about them.

Is this true? This is an easy fix if so, but I dont want to hurt the fish.

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I think you're doing well, except for the food. TetraMin contains ethoxyquin, which is a harmful preservative. Look for something without it. I use Flake Frenzy, but NutrafinMax is also good. He should be fine by himself in a 2 gallon. Platys are not schooling fish and will do fine on their own. If you're following the 1 inch per gallon rule, 2 gallons is perfect for one Platy. 75-77 is optimal for Platys. Good luck!

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He is beautiful. He is also very fortunate to have someone like you to care for him. Keep up the good work.
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