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Reoccuring eye infection

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I have a black angelfish with an eye infection. His entire eyeball itseems is snowhite..Dose with Seachem Kanaplex and it will improve 75 percent but reoccur if I stop. I need to dose him again now, but I'm afraid he has been in kanamycin a long time.. this is third round in five weeks, his eye is white again. Can I hit him a little harder dosage or what other med would be good? I've got to have advice or I'm going to continue Kanaplex before I go to work.I think I want to lower temp. from 80 to 75, too?t
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Bacteria love warm temps. so that's a good idea to lower the temp. a few degrees.

I'd stop with the meds. for a bit if it's not improving anything and keep the water really really clean.

What's your water change schedule? If it's in a community tank, can you isolate the fish in a hospital tank so you can do daily water changes?
Right, I'm going to try to let it down to 75-76 degrees. I agree that he has had a lot of meds last six weeks. Boy have I been up and down with this guy. Sorry I didn't get right back to you-just got home from work.He's by himself in a 20 gallon long right now. His permanent house is a 33 gallon long he shares with his goldveil mate. Just them. I try to stay on water changes religiously, but sometimes lapse a few days- 30 to 50% per week.Depending on how much flake they haven't eaten. Right now I will try to do a third every day.. does that sound about good? If his eye does flare up and scares me..what can I use besides Seachem Kanaplex?
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