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Greeting and felicitations,

I am new to forums, and certainly the Tropicalfishkeeping group. First let me say... Thank you.

I am not knew to aquariums, however still learning everyday. I start out about 18 years ago with me first 10 gallon tank and have been happy with three 70 tall gallon fresh water tanks. Including a two community tanks and one specifically for Angels. I am currently in the process of upgrading/ setting up a 150 gallon fresh water. I have cleaned, resealed, leak tested, emptied, cleaned again, filled it 1/4 with water, place air bars on either side, Filter inlet and and outputs, added the substrate, 3/4 full of water and placed heater to start the cycling process. The water quick milky or cloudy. I do not remember it begin this cloudy on any other tank during the process. Is it because of the size of the tank and amount of gravel. Do I need to drain, pull the gravel and start again. I washed and washed the gravel for quite a long time before adding.

Any suggestion are greatly appreciated..

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