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red root floater phyllanthus fluitans Amazon sword

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Hi everyone, finally a sunday off, time to trim my tank

So I have some red root floaters for sale 6 dollars per
generous handful ( I have big hands) there will be some duckweed around I'll try get it off unless you want it

also I have some Amazon sword trims they're about 4 inches tall with plenty of leaves im asking 3 dollars for each

also I have cambomba for sale at least 5 " tall each trim 3 dollars 6 stems and last but not least I have some Limnophilia Sessapholia looks like cambomba but in a brighter color 4 dollars for 6 stems

Sipping is 6 dollars small flat rate box with tracking number provided sipping days will be Monday and Tuesday only thanks for reading

there might be some snails mostly Malaysian trumpet snails but I'll try to remove the most I can plants are coming from this tank


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awesome tank

beautiful planted tank i wish i could get mine to grow like that. Love the look. Can't do any more plants atm in mine but I just wanted to say awesome lookin tank!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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