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Afternoon, Im new to this forum ,. I have a pair of red honey gouramis whom have been in my tank for 2 weeks. They started out quite well, the male went through a weird air gulping phase and is bloated. I have recently done an epsom bath and he is now back i the tank , tolerated it ok. The female also is doing the air gulping now also . Its not like the normal surface gulp, its prolonged for up to 15-20 seconds. Often after food. The male who is bloated has stopped eating, still spits a little out. Wont eat a pea. Now on a fast. No pronunced pine cone as yet.
Any thoughts on what is occurring and if I should do anything else

ER triage form as follows

Is your tank cycled ? (are you familiar with the cycling process ?) yes

Are you testing your water with a liquid test kit (like the API test kit) or dipsticks ? liquid api.

Ammonia: Zero

Nitrite: Zero

Nitrate: Zero or a touch between

pH: 7.5

KH: Unknown

Temperature: 26 degrees celcius

Are you using a heater ? Yes

Are you using any aeration / bubbler ? Spray bar ibubbling into water

Water change amount/frequency: 20 percent per week

Tank size/how long in operation: 80l, 20 gallons . cube tank

Filtration: aquis 550 exteranal canister

Water additives/conditioners/pH adjusters: stress coat

What, how much and how often are the fish/frogs fed:Daily

Tank inhabitants (number, size and type of fish/frogs): 3 small tetras of longstanding , 2 small peppermint bristlenose, new to tank, 4 and 5 cm . Theres a few iny snails also

New additions/changes to the tank: as above, plus anubias x 2. Theres also driftwood, a banana lilly and a java fern in the tank.Tank is well planted.

Unusual findings on the fish/frog: Bloated for about a week now. Torch/flashlight shows opacity in gut area,

Unusual behavior: a few days ago was gulping air for much longer periods, this is now stopped, bloated, not eating, at back of tank, lethargic but can dodge the net pretty well. Was previously highly ravenous, an absolute pig of a fish! was eating detritus from the gravel also

Medications/what has been tried or done do far: 1 tbsp epsom salt into second 2 gall tank(1/2 tank water 1/2 tap conditioned) for 15 mins, tolerated well. Commenced a fast for the tank

I transcribed the form from another forum i joined, if anyone needs further info i am of course happy to provide.

Any help much appreciated
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