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Hi, I'm Danny and have just started with my two, male and female, red ear slider turtle 25 gal aquarium. Toot is the male, and tell it is the female. I'm new to the group and don't know yet how to attach their photos. I am 61 years old and have found my turtles have given me much joy and entertainment. My set up is the 25 gal tank with the pentrex 1000 cascade out of tank filter system.
I am here to ask for advice, suggestions, nest building for eggs, symptoms with health issues, etc. Toot is about 4 in long, Tell it is about 5 1/2 in long. My first question would be how long or old does the female have to be to lay eggs and the proper set up for her to lay her eggs. they have a large basking area with a lamp. I have learned they lay eggs in a rather shaded area. Tell It has rather very firm knots in front of her back legs. Which I have learned might be eggs.
I chose this group because of the expertise of most of you who know more about red ear sliders, as opposed to online videos, etc. Any suggestion or question would be so greatly appreciated.


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