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i do 7 hours at the moment and this is a stretch for my tank setup that is still maturing. i will get up to 8 hours soon, and thats where i intend it for it to stay.
People argue with me over lighting- i say no more than 10- but some books state that 12 hours is the minimum, but they dont state how they have come to this conclusion.

Of course it depends on the tank, if you have a bare tank like a malawi tank then maybe you can have the lights on longer- i dont know as i have never kept one, a thinly planted tank could get away with longer hours, but if you have a heavily planted tank with CO2 and you dose with reg treatments of fert then chances are over lighting will lead to algae blooms.
I am not in the habit of preaching, i just pass on what i have learnt, and i think 6-8 hours is enough from my experience, and i think i have been relatively successful in creating a planted aquarium.
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