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Ready to go on new tank, any suggestions??

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Hi to all,
Ive done alot of research for the last fewYears, Buying a 72x27x27 225g tank, Looking to stock it with 1-3inchs each of :
Clown Trigger
Blue Faced Angel
DogFaced Puffer
Harlequin Tusk
Metallic FoxFaced Rabbit fish
Sunset Wrasse
Purple Tang
Clown Tang? is it ok to add?? or too many fish? my last choice

I will cycle the system for 2 months with 300lbs of LR and Sand and a huge sump system as i will explain below.

Looking at a 3 Tank sump system which might be over kill? 2nd and 3rd tank will be plumbed into the next room which is my utlity room

First under Main Tank a 48x12 1/2x 17 40g refugium stocked with 2inches sand, 40lbs LR, and Inverts, few Pepermint shrimp, Emerald crab, 1 brittle sea star, snails and crabs to clean all detrius coming straight from main tank and 1 500 wt heater

2nd tank 36x18x16 filled with 2 inches sand, 2 side by side cambers with sea lettuce on one side and Gracilaria tumbling and back chamber with 2 fern plants, Can Feed Tang alges when pruning
also a 500wt heater in the front out of the way

3rd tank 30x12 1/2x 18 3/4 with2 chambers 1st chamber 300g rated protein skimmer system, 2nd chamber 3000gph returm pump, oxydator which makes oxygen in the water (look it up)

Questions are Too Many Fish? 2nd Good combo? 3rd which fish first? 4th any thing i can put in to clean the sand? and last my vision of a sump refugiums system, is it overkill?

Here is the space I have to start with, just finished my basement and this is where the Tank will go.. Ill keep updating pics as I go.


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Stocking list looks good to me.

You can have sand sfiting stars and other bottom dwellers to clean up the sand. I don't think your sump is overkill persay, maybe just a little more than I would do ;-)

It sounds like you have done your research and should have a pretty successful tank. I am looking forward to pics!
Ok thanks... And wont my fish eat star and other inverts that would clean my sand in main tank?? puffer, trigger and husk will eat just about anything I put in the tank :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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