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African Cichlids(Rift Lake)

-Feed high protein foods such as bloodworms, krill, and brine shrimp as a treat ONLY. Do not feed Tropheus cichlids with bloodworms as this will lead to digestive upsets.

-Requires a temp of 78-83 degrees. To keep the water at this temperature use a heater.

-Requires a high ph. To naturally buffer the ph, use limestone and/or crushed coral.
Note: Real wood lowers the ph. If you have enough materials to raise the ph the effect of wood will be minimal.

-High quality cichlid sticks and flakes should be most of their diet.

-There should be lots of caves, rocks, and sand in a cichlid aquarium.

-Plecos can live with cichlids. Just be sure to provide enough room for them.

-Do a 10% water change weekly. Otherwise, frequency and amount of water changes may vary depeneding on the stocking level of the tank.

-Be sure not to overcrowd your tank. A simple rule is 1 inch per FULL GROWN length of the fish.
Note: This rule is not always correct and should be used with caution.

-Be sure to remove and uneaten food with a fish net or siphon them from the tank 20 minutes after feeding.

-If one fish is sick, transfer it to a quarantine tank and treat it and the WHOLE tank until the sick fish is better and has been trasferred to the main tank.

-Canister filters are recommended along with biowheels. I use a biowheel
powerfilter and a canister filter.

-Test the water parameters only when you feel it's necessary or when you see something unusual with the fish behavior.

-Using a syphon, clean the substrate and refill lost water treated with chlorine and chloride remover. This is classified as your weekly water change.

-Make sure you DO NOT mix the three Rift Lake cichlids together. This is totally not recommended as they have different requirements and it is improper to mix species from different origins.

-Change the filter media in your filters once every 3 months or when you notice your filterhaving weak flows.

-Clean your filter media monthly when a 25% water change is conducted. Be sure to clean it in used, syphoned, tank water!

If you want to add anything to this just message me!

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Ps-All of this was in my head. I wrote it at a baseball game. xD
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