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Rapid Guppy deterioration, two tanks

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1. Size of tank? 90 L 180 L

2. Water parameters
a. Ammonia? 0
b. Nitrite? 0
c. Nitrate? 90 L 25 ( just under ) 180L 20
d. pH, KH and GH? pH 7 for 180L pH 8 for 90L. KH and GH can't for the life of me find my kits. Last time they were checked along with the tap water the KH was pretty hard. pH has always remained stable so I would like to assume that has remained the same.
e. Test kit? API, Aqua One

3. Temperature? 26 for the 180L 27.5 for the 90L ( Celsius )

4. FW (fresh water) or BW (brackish)? Fresh Water

5. How long the aquarium has been set up? The medium / substrate / plants ( 10 years ) The tank's themselves under six months

They get fed between one - twice a day. Fast day once a week. A combination of pellets, algae wafers and a flake. Haven't been on frozen blood worms or brine shrimp since the move as I have run out.

6- 12 are answered below.

I noticed in the 90L last night a few of the guppies were flashing against the sand. Did 10% water change and checked stats. Nothing out of the ordinary. This morning everything was normal, didn't see any flashing, behaviour was the same. They were fine at lunch time but a few hours later every guppy bar one fry and two adults had clamped up and were gasping at the top in a circle. The cory's were acting as active as always, the juvenile sword tail and snail was also fine. The 90L has about 6 adult guppies effected and three juveniles.

Checked the 180L and was shocked to find the exact same thing. Guppies were clamped up and sitting at the top in a crowd. My BN, Bolivan rams, neon tetras and Glass catfish were completely normal. Looked at my female sword tail ( only one in the tank ) and she was lingering in some plants, not really clamped up but not looking 100% either. This tank has 5 juveniles and six adults effected. The days old fry in a breeders net in this tank are unaffected.

90L has been through a revamp, long story short all media, substrate and plants have been transferred over including lots of seeded material. Has been running for two weeks with fish and am yet to see a mini cycle. Didn't anticipate one but you never know.

180l was also a recently upgraded tank ( several tanks moved into one ) again all the media was transferred and it has been running for near three months now without a hiccup.

I am at a complete loss to think on what it may be. It has come on very quickly, no colour change, no fin damage, no visible signs of anything. When the tank was disturbed they came to life only to eventually settle back up the top in a group.

As far as cross contamination goes, the 90l has had a few new additions. Two guppies ( they are the guppies not effected ) and lots of plants. The 180l has only had one new addition, one guppy from the 90L. That guppy was moved prior to the majority of plants and new fish had been added in. The new additions were not quarantined as the 40L cracked day of purchase :evil:

Current treatment; begun to add salt. I usually run my tanks with a low level of salt anyways. Something that has been lacking since the move. 25% water change on them both and an air stone added at water level in the 90l to agitate the surface a bit on the off chance it is oxygen related.

Weekly 10-25% water changes on both tanks.

In the last hour I have already lost one.
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Sorry to hear :( I think adding the airstone was a wise decision and will only help.

What are you using for water conditioner?
Just as you posted that I turned it off :-?. I can't seem to turn the air pump down and as I had it at the surface they were getting pushed around a bit too much. I will have a look on them in half an hour see if there is a change, may need to turn it on. It was a long shot, the 180l has a huge flow and they are reacting the same.

I was using prime, had a similar thought and for these water changes today I switched to the only one I had any left of was an Aquatopia one?!

Starting to consider a drastic water change, a further 40%. The tap water is very similar to the tank. Just at a loss!

Thanks for replying :)
I am even more perplexed now. A male died in the 180l I realised I only had one male in the 180l, that would suggest that I never moved one over in the first place. If that is the case then how are both tanks showing the same problem? None of my equipment is shared between tanks, none of my plants and my hands are washed prior to handling each tank. This tank was set up months ago and since then bar water changes nothing has been touched. The only link was that single guppy which I never moved over as he is still in the 90l.

Can it be airborne? Is that even possible?
Anything is possible but I doubt it. As for the airstone, you can tie a knot in the tube so that it restricts the amount of bubbles or use a bread tie, paper clip etc.....

I'd test your tap water to see what's going on there. Maybe something added to your water recently that you don't know about?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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