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I was looking at my community tank a few days ago and spotted a few baby platies hiding under a filter so I netted them and plopped them in a breeder net. Then I scooped up a handful of plants and dropped them into the net for the fry to hide. A few days later, I took out the platy fry and noticed a wee tiny thing in the corner of the net. I have a picture, but can't seem to attach it. This morning, two more appeared. They are about 2 mm long and very slim. They almost look striped on top, but they're too small to really tell. I'm thinking the plants I put in the net had rainbow fish eggs on them and that those eggs hatched. I have Boesemani and Turquoise rainbows. They spawn often, but it's basically just a feeding frenzy (mostly for the Rummynose) and I assume nothing is surviving the onslaught. I have other egg-layers in the tank, but based on how often the rainbow fish spawn, I'm just assuming it's them. Is there a way to attach a picture from my desktop so maybe someone could tell me for sure?

And whatever they are, I'd love some advice on caring for them.

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