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Yup! I love the little buggers but they don't do a lot compared to other snails. They clean my glass occasionally but they mostly like to hang out on my driftwood and eat up the slime on that which I don't mind. They do not burrow even though they do have the shell type for it, there are a few different variations; my favorites being the Mini Yellows and the Orange Poso, not a fan of the Chocolates though, their shell looks too weird to me.

They pretty much eat everything and will snack on live plants if not sufficient enough food is provided, they will usually readily eat prepared foods and they love their veggies. Mine seem to prefer the cucumber over zucchini but each are different. I only had issue with them eating plants when I had an Amazon sword and I wasn't actively feeding them by accident, they were fine soon after though!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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