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Questions about Water Wisteria.

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I bought some Wisteria for my aquarium a few weeks ago, and it is doing great! I love the rate that it grows and I love the vibrant green that the plant displays! When I had gotten the plant, the leaves were small and round. As time has progressed, the leaves have come to closely resemble that of the Wendlov Java Fern that I have in the tank. Is this a normal look for the Water Wisteria, or is the plant beginning to display new traits?
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Depending on the intensity of the lights Wisteria can form different shape leaves. Under brighter lights I believe it forms the leaves types you describe. You can read more in the Profile of Wisteria as I believe it is explained in there.
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The leaf shape is determined by the temperature and light. At lower temperatures the leaves are smooth-edged and smaller and less pinnate as shown in the second photo above; at higher temperatures and brighter light the leaves will be sharply divided (pinnate) and closer together on the stem as in the first photo. Lower light will also cause the lower leaves to fall off.

Read more:
taken directly from the profile
Alright, thanks for clarifying that!:) However, this may sound stupid, but now I'm sad because I thought that I had created a hybrid plant...:(
Haha I know!!
many plants have an emmersed and submerse forms. An example of this would be rotala.
this is my rotala in the tank (plant with pink tips)

this is the same rotala grown in soil^_^
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