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Question about Moving Mom guppy

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Hello... This is my first time posting here...I am at a loss right now.... My Platy just dropped 46 new fry.... I had her isolated in a 5 gal tank. After i noticed she hadn't had any in awhile i took the mom out and placed her in a 20 tank to rest. Due to having so many i had to put her back in my community tank and move the fry over to the 20 gal. I will be using this as my nursery tank because i noticed a gravid spot on all 3 of my female guppys... ... Which leads me to my question....
I have 3 female guppys and 2 males... One of the females was preg. when i bought her almost a month ago. She has dropped those but they are to small for me to see really. I know of 4 that made it. They stay hidden in my community tank. I really would like to save as many of the guppy fry as i can so i may see what the color variation will be . How soon can i safely move the female with the largest gravid spot to my delivery tank? She is being chased by both the males. All my poor girls get chased ALOT !! She has not *squared* yet... but i assume she is about 3 weeks along. Also how often do i need to do a 25% water change on the nursery tank..... I keep the temp about 78 degrees in all my tanks.... Is that to hot??? Any help is appreciated.
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Just move her as fast as possible,cause when she is ready to POP she will do so when you move her later on.

Your temp is fine.

Water changes once to twice a week depending on the stocking.

I hope that you get a lot of fry, and best of luck.
I moved the soon to be mom over today.... she seems to be likeing the maternity ward *G* Will post when she has them ... will be putting her in a breeding net when the time gets closer i think.... Not really sure if its a good idea or not, but i want to save my babies (her) *G*
Thank you for your help
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