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question about cycling

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Okay, was just reading the advice Blue was giving Bryson re: his new tank. I am wondering -- if you get your biological filter started by obtaining filter media or gravel or ornaments from an established tank, but there are no fishes in your new tank because you are waiting for it to cycle, how do the bacteria survive? Remember, I'm the guilty person who swears by using the "Cycle" product! I was told that you don't use Cycle unless the fish are already in there, because the bacteria need to feed off the fishes wastes. So, if you add filter media from an established tank, but you have no fish, would not the same hold true? What will the bacteria survive on?
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The ammonia you added of course.
If using fish for cycling, their wastes are used by bacteria as ammonia.
Remember not to add ammonia if you have fish in case you may misunderstood that ammonia is allowed in cycling a tank which has fish. The fish wastes will serve as ammonia. Ammonia and nitrites alone are toxic which is why only hardy fish like danios and platies are recommended as they can tolerate ammonia levels although they may not last long if they can't tolerate any further the high level of ammonia.
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crazie.eddie said:
The only problems I have with these products, is they are contained in a little bottle. Bacteria need food and oxygen in order to survive. If the container is kept closed and no surface agitation, where do they get the O2? Eventually, the food will also diminish in the little bottle. Some of these little bottles sit in the shelf for, who knows how long. How do you know your buying a bottle full of dead bacteria, unless you access to a microscope?
Good point. I had once mentioned about how the bacteria will live in an enclosed bottle like "Cycle". No oxygen=dead bacteria :nicefish:
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