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Question about a bloated fishie.

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I have four female bettas in a ten gallon tank and they have been doing wonderfully. They are all eating equally and everything is going good. One thing I HAVE noticed is one of my female crowntails has a pretty big belly. What would be the appropriate course of action with three other fish in the tank to think about? Should I just lay off the food for a couple of days or treat that fish specifically?

Other than her being a little bloated I have not seen any change in behavior.

Thank you for the help!
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Hey i don't know anything about sorority because i never had it. I would recommend to quarantine the girl for observation,but than i don't know how they will behave if it only 3 of them. Some people saying that 3 is dangerous number.
Are you sure she is bloated because of food? Did she get bloated right after food?

Bloating can be due to overfeeding or to internal parasites. With internal parasites the poop will be abnormal color(white, broken white, clear, wormy stringy color) . For the girls though it is normal to have white poop due to the eggs. Internal parasites also contagious for the other fish.
If it overfeeding she probobly would be fine with fasting for a day or two.
I hope more experienced member will come along to help you. For meanwhile i think it would be a good idea to give them a fasting day . If she has something serious like internal parasitres, she will probobly develop new symptoms soon. But than quarantine her as soon as possible. Or you might even need to treat whole tank.
When you have sorority or more than one fish in one tank always have extra hospital tanks .
Make sure to swish/rinse the filter media in the tank water regularly since it gather a lot of gunk on them:)
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