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So as some people I've read from on the internet. I bought some Purple Waffle today (should have gone with more Anbius), and when I got home I looked it up, and found out that it's a bog plant not a aquatic plant, and should not be fully submerged. Which at the pet store (Big Al's, one I wouldn't think would do something like this), was fully submerged. So not to temp fate I took it out, and made this like little weird plastic potter for it, 3 holes on the bottom, suction cups, and then put a thin layer of gravel so the soil doesn't come out the bottom, planted the Purple Waffle in some soil, put a thin layer of gravel on the top, so soil didn't come out, and placed it in the tank, with most of the pot in the tank, but the leaves out.

The holes on the bottom keep the soil wet, but the plant leaves are out of the water.

Has anyone had any experience with this plant? Does this sound like a good set up?

I originally wanted some floating plants, but they didn't have any right now, so I'm thinking if I can have this plant live in the tank, but above the tank, it might serve as my floating plants with out actually floating?
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