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If you wanted to lower the sound from your external air pump, would you

  • go out and buy a new pump?

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  • find a way to quiet what you altedy have?

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  • like the way your fish sprawl out and act all crazy?

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  • don't know what I'm talking about?

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I am concerned about the sound that the air pump makes when I put my ear to the middle front of my tank. It used to quake the entire hull before I got a longer airline tube and was able to place the pump further up and away from the tank, though was never sitting on the tank, only the line coming from it. The vibration was now completely mitigated I thought until I 'listen to the tank' again and can still hear pump noise and I know what I can hear the fish can feel..

I worry about bullying my fish with audio stresses. Its no wonder when I turn it on, my fish instinctively dart around in a phalanx pattern because they're thinking something very large is now present in the water from absolutely nowhere. Yah, I'd look over my shoulder like 'what the' too when my home sounds like a construction site all of the sudden.

Thank you for your time and helpful information.
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