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I realized today that I forgot to post two pictures!

This one is a shot of the left side of the tank, which sits just beside my desk now (^.^). The fishums like to come over and beg at me when they 'hear' me talking about them on my computer, which is fun, and the frogs like hiding out in the moss and rocks at the bottom of the driftwood there.

They look good in the shot, but I'm waiting for those pretty Cryptocoryne spiralis to finish fully regrowing after the move, and wondering if they're getting enough light back there (this side of the tank got ambient window lighting in the classroom and they loved it!) The banana plants are looking confused now, too, though they were growing like mad right after the move. I've read some mixed things on how easy or not they are to keep alive, so time will tell for those. The Platy seem to enjoy picking at the leaves a bit too much, naughty things! Overall getting good growth in there now, compared to what it was in class.

And I totally forgot to introduce you to The Kindyfish!

He was brought in by a student for show-and-tell, and ended up spending the semester on the top of the tank. He kind of became the tank mascot (are tanks allowed to have those?!) He was given to me on the last day of school along with my fishy art book (did you guys see the adorable drawings??! ^.^) and solemn instructions to keep him with his tank. So he sits there still. :)

So now comes the fun part!

It's not the Kindy tank anymore, it's MY tank. I even put up a log for it yesterday! Project Kindergarten completed, mission successful!

So where do we go from here. . . ?
141 - 143 of 143 Posts