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Progress so far(with pics!)

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My tank has come a very long way! We've added both the dirt substrate and gravel along with a background, rocks and driftwood! The decorations have been rinsed with de-chlorinated water and boiled. The rocks passed both the vinegar and pantyhose test :)

We'll be buying plants tomorrow!
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Thanks! :D

And yes, I thought this particular background would add a layer of green to sort of make the real plants look more dense. I hope it works!
I'm glad to hear it! ^^
Thanks! We've got some really great plants lined up to be in this tank. Unfortunately we have to wait till tomorrow or so to buy them because the bank hasn't transferred my money over to a usable place yet.

UPDATE: We have finally ordered our plants! There are a lot coming! Hopefully by next week my tank will be planted and beautiful!
I know they take awhile and that their leaves can melt back a little bit in a new environment, but I'll probably have them in there by next week at least. :)
Whoo! My plants came earlier today and have been acclimated and added to the tank!

Overall I'm happy with placement and how well they came! The only thing that worries me is the rock on the left.

We soaked that rock and put vinegar on it and it passed those tests, but for some reason it's bubbling right now(you can even see the line of bubbles going up!). I'm gonna wait a few days to see if it stops, fish aren't going in there yet anyway :p
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