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My aquarium and filter are heavily colonized by what I'm pretty certain are leeches. They are flattish worms that "inch" along, grabbing with their head and tail ends. I used to see them attached to fish (who subsequently died), but more recently, they seem to be free-living. There are hundreds in the filter each time I clean it out.
Anyway, I decided to try praziquantel (a treatment for flukes) to see if it would kill the leeches. I know they are in different phyla but was willing to try SOMETHING. I had discus, brichardi cichlids, corys, neon tetras, plecos, and a couple of farlowella cats in the tank.
Treatment didn't seem to work on the leeches, but was fatal to the brichardi. Have no idea why they were singled out. Guess it could have been a coincidence, but the brichardi seemed to be doing well before the treatment.
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