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So yesterday I bought this fantail goldfish from a very reputable local shop, and yesterday she seemed fine. There were only four little goldfish in the tank, and all of them looked really healthy (as did all of the tanks and fish in the shop).

Today I've noticed something is off about her. She's been sticking close to one corner of the tank, and the scales on the sides of her body look like they might be starting to pine cone out. At first, I thought maybe the scales had a natural black tint to them (there was a calico fantail in the tank at the shop as well) but more black has shown up as the day as gone on, and it looks like the scales are sticking out a little bit.

She's still eating - yesterday I fed her TetraFin Goldfish Flakes Plus. Today I've fed her one serving of anti-parasitic food, and plan on giving her some peas to "flush" out her system, then another dose of the medicated food later tonight. She's still swimming around just fine, eating like a chow hound, and pooping ok.

Hopefully, I'm just nervous since this is my first fish in about 9 years, and my first goldfish to boot. The link at the bottom of this post is to a video I took about 15 minutes ago, but you can't really see the black on her sides :serious: . iPhones cameras can only do so much.

Information about the tank:

The tank is a 10 gallon (small for a fantail, I know, but it's temporary until I can get my hands on a 40 gallon which should be in about 5 months or so) which has been cycling for 3 and a half months.

I used algae wafers to create the bacteria, and for the last month the numbers have held strong at: 0ppm Ammonia; 0ppm Nitrite; 10ppm Nitrate.

The temperature is roughly 66 degrees Fahrenheit. It probably gets colder at night since it's winter here, and the insulation in my living room sucks (should I use a heater to keep it at 68?). The light is a 10 watt florescent bulb that I've kept on from about 11 this morning and plan to turn off at 10 tonight. So she's gotten a solid 13 hours of darkness overnight.!AqgUu_qsBXrSrWBbGOs0yrpNAfoz
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