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Porcupine Puffer With White Spots on Fins

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I just got this little one yesterday, and within about a couple of hours of getting him/her in the tank the fins had these white spots on them. Could this be ich, or something else? doesn't look like ich to me, but I need some help as to what direction to go in...He/She is eating and swimming well. Eating Krill, Mysis, and Brine...

Thank you so much! :-?

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Returned To LFS

Returned puffer to lfs. Doing worse when I got home today.

Just saw this one. I like to run a hyposalinity quarantine for most of my hardier species of new fish,this works with ich and many other parasites. Glad you were able to get the store to accept the fish back as many will not admit to disease coming from the shops stock tanks.
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