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Hi. My first post so sorry if I ramble!!

Ok. So I have had a 62L for a while and now I have a small 25L tank which I was going to have as a shrimp tank, but is now being overrun by what I believe to be pond snails.
They have hitch hiked on some plants... Always had 1-2-Grow before so just didn't think about it when I put these new plants in from a different center. My bad.
It's a new small tank I'd started so not too worried about the tank eco system etc, more as How to get rid of them... I don't know anyone who has a fish that would eat them and I'm reluctant to just kill as it's a waste...
Would it be ok to feed them to my garden birds??? So at least its a food chain thing??
Or is that a really bad idea???

There hasn't been anything else in there apart from the snails for over a month, so no food or Waste available to them. Yet they still seem to be going strong. There are some real plants in there but I don't know how I should properly dispose of them all? I don't want the plants and snails getting out into the world by error...
Any advice truly appreciated!

Thanks for reading x
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