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pond plants for sale

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hi all have some pond plants to sale like Lillis white and red 4.00 each iris 4.00 just pm me as I have lots of plants.
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Where are you located and do you ship?
in tazewell,tn but yes I ship.
I would be down for a few plants.Do you offer package deals?I was wanting to stock a small pond with some flowering plants.I would certainly be interested.
yes I can do a package deal if you like . if you tell me size of pond I can fix one up for you.
Wmc2009 I have pennywort,creepin jenny,red root,parrot feather,primrose,lizardtail,four leaf clover,duckweed,hothorn,naja grass,java moss,iris,lilies,purple pickel.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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