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Pond-Aquaria For Sale

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I call this the "Microcosm Terrestrial and Aquatic Landscape Habitat" or "The Ponder." I have US Patent. It really is the perfect contemplation piece to ponder in the home or office. It is a (small) main basin pond surrounded by three miniature mountains with pots built in for bonsai trees and other terrestrial plants and a front side formed by a pane of glass! A little "bonsai ecosystem." There is an Upper Pool on the rear or side Miniature Mountain, leading to a water course and thence to a Waterfalls. So, one may look at live tropical fish or other specimens from above, like a traditional pond, and then also go down below the water level and view one's specimens in their underwater habitats through the translucent Pane of Glass. I make these out of polyurea, a chip resistent, durable, natural looking artificial rock material. Contact me at my email [email protected] if you'd like to order one. I have three sizes available: 20"Long X 15" Wide X 10" High; 25" Long X 19" Wide X 10" High; 29" Long X 23" Wide X 10" High. The first two hold 3 liters. The 29" Long holds a gallon. I am working on a three gallon and on a 5 gallon model now which should be ready in a month. After that I will construct a 10 gallon sized unit.

The Gallon sized version is good for Bettas, Endlers, Guppies, Dwarf Frogs, Shrimp, Snails. The smaller, desk top sized 3 liter is good for a Betta or shrimp, dwarf frogs, snails, plants. Units are $159.95 each plus shipping. email me at [email protected] Take a look:

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I understand your marketing, but this is not the place to do it. Please try Aquibid.
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