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Hi gang.:wave:

We decided to add a sticky exclusive to the Plants section. It is thanks to fish_4_all for contributing this questionnaire.:thumbsup:

1. Tank size
Pls post the water capacity(in liters or gallons-US or UK) and the dimensions.

2. Watts and type of lighting
Types would consist of metal halide, fluorescent, incandescent, etc. Also, try to add how many wattage and the light color including full spectrum. The light chart is also available as a link in the sticky in this section(Plants).

3. Number and types of plants
Pls type the species of plants and how many do you have.

4. Substrate type
This is added since there are other kinds of gravel like the Fluorite, etc.

5. Age of tank
How long has your tank been establishing?

6. CO2 injection
Do you use CO2 injection? Is it DIY or pressurized?

7. Water Parameters
a. GH, KH, pH, NO3, PO4, Ammonia, etc

b. When test was performed, (after a water change, middle of the week, first thng in the morning, late at night, etc.)

8. Detailed description of plant problems
Not just brown spots, brown spots in the middle of the leaves of both old and new leaves as well as some spotting on the edges and missing plant tissue where spots used to be.

Only the ones that are relevant need to be answered. Parameters should be tested with a liquid regent test kit, not a test strip, unless that is all you have. Also you have to realize that test kits are inherantly inaccurate especially NO3 and PO4.

Good luck.:thumbsup:
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