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recently i've noticed my Plecostomus, sucker fish, is starting to chase my gold fish. ( i know i shouldn't have goldfish in my tropical tank but everyone gets along so i'm not worried...or did) i thought he was maybe just "flirting" with the goldfish because i had a guppy that did the same thing, so honestly i've ignored it. but tonight i noticed my mickey mouse platy is missing half of her tail. could the sucker fish have actually attacked her? are the suckers generally aggressive? if my sucker is beating everyone up i'd rather move him and possibly lose him to my craw fish. any info would be wonderful!!

in my tropical tank i have the sucker, the fancy goldfish, the mickey mouse platy and a neon green tetra. i'm willing to move the sucker over anyone else.
also if i move him, where should he move to. i have a cichlid tank, and my craw fish tank.
thanks in advance!!
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