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well I picked up a 50 lb bag of playsand for 4.99 today at ACE but found it soaked in rain.
Should I boil it first? there seems to be only a tiny but of dust coming from the sand right now, so rinsing is not the biggest worry.
Also, can acidic rain affect the sand?
thanks a bunch!
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I would think that as long as you give it a VERY thorough rinse it should probably be ok.

I've heard that playsand compacts more easily than aquarium sand though, so to be safe I would ensure that you stir it round on a regular basis.
What's acidic rain?:squint: Acid rain or the rain that is just becoming acidic due to lower pH?:question:
I believe playsand is inert. Being inert, acid rain or acidic water should not do anything.
yes acid rain :D
I nearly broke my back trying to carry that bag into my basement
the sand compacted like heck and a 2feet by 1 foot bag was able to hold 50 lbs of it...
I'm like "oh look! there is a nice cheap bag of sand... right size too!"
all of the water seeped into the sand doesn't help much either
jinithith2 said:
yes acid rain :D
Not the exact acid rain which is the environmental pollution?:question: The one containing sulfur and other industrial toxic wastes after weather precipitation?:blueshake:

I would just faint if it was the exact acid rain. Gulp! :blueshake:
i have used playsand in my tank...might cause a rise in ph ={
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