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Platy Is Hiding

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So I just got 2 platies and 1 betta in a 10 gal tank. One platy is male and the other is female, I noticed that the female has been hiding behind shells/decor ever since I put her in the tank. I wonder if she is scared of the male what can I do?
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Platies are actually rather social fish, try getting another female. The male livebearer will also pester a female to death over breeding so it is recommended to either get all of one sex or a ratio of 1m:2f in any livebearer tanks. What are your plans for fry?
Then I suggest taking the female back and getting 3 more males.

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If you want females then you need a plan for fry. They can have up to 200 a month. That stocking is fine but nothing else.

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1.5 gallons isn't big enough for fry for very long at all. Maybe a couple weeks.
Stores won't take them until they are adult size and that takes 2-3 months.
And that's sub-adults, not two week old fry.
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