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Plants Needed - buy or trade for sump pond pump or tank decor

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My husband and I are new hobbyists and have been rescuing fish for a few months now. So far, we have 2-55 gallons, 2-29 gallons, 1-125 gallon and one 10 gallon hospital tank.

It has cost a small fortune to set up these tanks and we have bought a few plants from our local store, but they're expensive and we have to drive to Nashville to get them.

We would like to buy or trade for a bulk of plants for a reasonable price to get our tanks filled with live plants. We are open to try any kind really, but especially would like: Anubias, Crypts, Riccia, Glossostigma, hornwort, java fern.

We would also be happy with just a mixture of whatever you have in your tank you want to sell or trade for.

If you are interested in trading, please let me know. We have accumulated a TON of tank decorations that we are not using. We also have a sump pump for a pond- little giant model 2e-n. I'll take a photo of everything and list it this afternoon.

Of course, we will pay for them if you don't want to trade.

Many thanks!
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I have some plants listed here for sale if you need any of them just pm me
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