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Halo apa kabar?

(That means how are you in Indonesian).

I'm Aldian from Indonesia.

When I was a child, my parents kept fresh water fish only tank. And my father usually brought me to LFS to buy fish: neon, goldfish, albino pleco etc. Whatever we saw and liked, that what we bought. And as a result, the fish usually didn't last long in the tank.

Fast forward many years...

I bought a 10G tank for my son and kept goldfish there. We also kept crabs some times at this tank. But since it was too small and much hassle to maintain it, I converted it into a QT.

My father-in-law likes planted tank and keeps two tanks at his home. When he upgraded his 20G tank into 40G tank about 4 years ago, he gave me his old 20G tank along with its light and HOB filter, and that got me started in the hobby again. Only this time, I started with planted tank :)

After a few weeks, I felt that 20G was too small and upgraded to 40G, and sold the 20G. I believe that 40G is ideal size tank. It's not too big, and not too small, just at the right price and size.

And a few months after that, for my birthday gift, I got 95G tank and its cabinet from my wife and father-in-law. I bought the lights and filters myself.

Actually I still want one more tank. 200G (7' x 24" x 24") tank would be nice for Geophagus or Tropheus planted tank :-D

I also had ADF, crabs and shrimps planted tanks... But gave up on them:
- Crabs are escape artists
- Shrimps are among the lowest of the food pyramid
- ADF was hard to feed and kept jumping out of the tank

Fish is much easier :lol:

95G Discus Planted Tank room divider and its evolution

40G Planted Tank and its evolution

1. Shrimp Planted Tank

2. Goldfish Planted Tank

3. Shellie Planted Tank

10G Crab Planted Tank, converted into a Quarantine Tank

There were many other scape and animals, but unfortunately there was no pic. Either I forgot to take pics before resetting the tank, or lost the pics when replacing the laptop.
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