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Wow this thread is pretty bad. I'm with herefishy on this one so far.

1st off a species should have been chosen because there are too many generlizations going on.

KishFeeper-1" per gallon is a terrorable rule.

Bettababy- We agree a lot but 50+ years for a JD... wouldn't 12-16 fit more for a small CAC? 40+ for a piranha, again depends on the species but still dont think a rhom would get past 20ish.

Blue- over filtration is the name of the game with predators. And P's are even more so since they love current. But I do agree with you the most on tank sizes.

pygomania- 15-20 gallon each if there under the 4-5" mark (again depending on the species) A full grown rhom is bigger than a 20 gallon tank and should be in a 400+ to it self.

A big question for people before they buy a P is decide which species and what they want.
Most people think that P's are awesome hunters and killers, in reallity most are prey fish with big teeth. The schooling species are usally very shy and spend most of the day hiding from view in there school untill feeding time. If you want a strong school it is a good idea to buy more than you need at a juvi age (1-3") because by the time they are sexually mature you will have lost a few do to weed out the weak that P schools do. Red bellys are the cheepest and if your in a legal state you should be able to pick up a school of 10 1" for $20-50 depending on how many are around. If your lucky you would end up with 6 good strong adults and at least 125 should house them.

There are also a few species of solo P's and these are the ones that most people thing the schooling species act like. Solo P's are solo because they actually are good predators and much more aggressive. The two most common are serrasalmus elongatus and serrasalmus rhombeus. The elongated P should be in a 75 type as it grows and a min of 6' long at adulthood. This fish loves current and hunts with its speed. My fav P is the
serrasalmus rhombeus and shouldnt be to hard to find in the hobby. They grow very big and have a striking presence in a tank with there blood red eyes and huge white teeth. The rhombeus isnt suited for most fish keepers but i wanted to bring it up to show how big of a difference you can have in a P.

Blueblue48- 65 is kinda high for a single red, you also should look at adding a schooling P to an established school is very difficult and will most likly end in the new fish being food. One of P's biggest food sources are other P's in the wild and an outsider is an expensive meal. If you want to get a school id try the numerous juvi method.
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