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So, here is my first attempt at a nano NPT! It's a little cloudy yet, but I just finished setting it up; I think it will settle.

I went a bit crazy at That Fish Place with plants and still have a ton left over. They unfortunately had very few "low light" plants, and almost all these are moderate. (I picked out only one that needed high light, just because I thought it was beautiful and decided to try it anyway.)

I know that the LED on the little Chi won't grow all of the plants, but this will be my desk tank, and it will get natural sunlight there. If you think I need a lamp in addition, though, and can recommend one, feel free to chime in.

Does it look okay? Have I made any obvious mistakes with the plants? Have any recommendations for me? I'm new to this and trying to learn all I can in a short while. :)

It will be home to one spoiled male betta, arriving from Taiwan next week.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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