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So what is the best way to raise ph safely? Mines low and seems to be afftecting my yellow tang, but none of my other fish. All other tests that I did are good, no ammonia, no nitrites and so on, but I did get a tetra test kit that gave me a chart for CO2 where I had to calc hardness and pH. The chart has a little white box where water CO2 should be, but if you follow up 8.2 or 8.3 pH, the box comes no where near it. Even if I adjusted my carb hardness (kh), it still wouldnt come into range. Whats up with that??? Im thinkin about takin my new test kit back because I get completely different results between this test kit and the one I have now which is a saltwater master kit and Ive had a few people tell me to trust my Saltwater master kit more than my tetra test kit. What would everyone else recommend to be the best kit to trust? I just want to know whats actually going on in my tank. And are these tests better than buying the strips or are the strips better??? soooo confusing :(
a lil help please :?

tank: 55 gal
been up for a little less than a year
lots of live rock
2 tangs
2 clowns
10 damsels
2 choc chip starfish
5 herm crabs
4 emerald crabs
4 peppermint shrimp
4 camel shrimp
0 ammonia
0 nitrite
0 nitrate
spec grav: 1.021
Temp: 80
kh: 7
ph: its low... :roll:
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