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ph problem

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hi everyone
i have been doing a 60 ltr water change once a week with buckets for the past year now and i have been having problems with low ph, i have a 200ltr community tank with LIVE PLANTS AND 16 fish left out of 22 since last year, i have been struggling to keep the ph up to 7.0 or more, at last i have got round to doing water changes with a hose (emptying and refilling) and things are much easier now,
my ph was below 6.0 and for the last 4 days i have been doing a 60 ltr water change, and it is now 6.4 everything else is fine (ammonia 0ppm nitrite 0ppm nitrate 5.0 ppm) i also added 5 ml of ph up on the first day but haven't added any since, SHOULD I CONTINUE DOING DAILY WATER CHANGES UNTIL I GET THE PH TO 7.O, ALSO I HAVE BEEN ADDING STRESS COAT DIRECTLY INTO THE TANK JUST SECONDS BEFORE I FILL WITH TAP WATER IS THIS OK DOING IT LIKE THAT. ANY ADVICE MUCH APPRECIATED, THANK YOU.
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Just curious, but why are you concerned about messing with your pH? Is it for the livebearers? All my aquariums run in the range your's is testing at and the fish are fine. I don't keep livebearers though, just acid loving fish.

When you tested the tapwater did you let it sit out for 24 hours? That will give you a better reading than straight from the tap. If you already did that and 6.4 was the result, then no amount of daily water changes are going to get you to 7.0 pH.

Adding the Stresscoat directly to the tank is fine.
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