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Pepper cory tank mates?

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I have a 22 gallon tropical tank with 4 red-eye balloon tetra, 4 harlequin rasbora and 1 pepper cory. I originally had 2 other cories but unfortunately lost them when I lost power during a storm and couldn't keep the water warm enough this winter. (I literally sat in my living room melting snow in a metal bucket by my fireplace and kept replacing water)

So I was wondering first off... is this a good amount of fish for this size tank? I did some research and also spoke with the pet shop sales person but I know they aren't always accurate!

Second... I would like to add another bottom feeder, is it possible to add another type of cory? The pepper cory tends to blend in with the gravel on the bottom of the tank so I was hoping I could add a different bottom feeder species or at least a different type of cory.... not sure if that's possible though since usually a group of 3 of the same species is recommended.
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I would up all of your schools to 6. If you don't like the pepper Cory, see if the pet store will take him and get a school of another type you like better. I reccomend pandas or albinos as they stay on the smaller side.
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I agree with the above. I'd add 4 tetras / rasboras, at least, to each school, get 2 more paleatus / pepper corys and 5 of another type. If you use the correct food feeding the corys is no problem. You can use microworms, soaked decap brine shrimp eggs and micro sinking pellets in very small amounts. Between a little of those foods or any combo of them and cleaning up fish food from the tets, they wil be happy campers. If live food is not your thing, frozen blood worms and frozen Ocean Nutrition formula one or two will work just as well.
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