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My peacock gundgon female seems happy, is eating well, was quarantined and treated with primafix & aquarium salt for what seems to be a skin condition on her head & around her eyes.. It's seems to be eating away at the skin..& very slowly. I thought she just had a runin with possibly bigger fish as I have several clown loaches and bruised but After treatment I felt it was healing enough which left only scaring on her face. Now it's back again.. & Looking worse than before. She's in a community tank which no other fish is showing or has shown same symptoms.. Apart from issues loosing guppies in the past dieing from what could be dropsy which is rare but a pine cone bloated fish was the symptoms and failed to save even with treatment. Hole in the head also noticed in one other guppy.. My water conditions are as good but not happy with water SA water quality..water Changes are made now with extra filter sock when refilling the tank.. Does anyone know what this is and how to effectively treat it.. Or is it genetics possibly?
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