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I've always been into aquariums and i've sucessfully had a coldwater tank for 7 years. i moved up a notched by adding a tropical warm water tank. i started with a nice community tank with different tetras and a couple of plecos. i then added a couple of zebra danios and angelfish. but the disaster struck and the bottom of my tank cracked while i was at work and obviously all my fish suffocated except for the one pleco and 3 zebra danios that was lying between the plants. i was devastated. i went out the next day and bought a new tank. i did all the usual thing to get the tank ready and about three and a half weeks after purchasing the new tank i bought some fish. the pleco and the danios seemed happy as well at this stage. i went to the petshop and i bought some red eye tetras, silver mollies and some more zebra danios to accompany my current ones. two fish caught my eye on the way out. i asked the owner if they will be compatible in a community tank, and he said yes. to my horror i found at the next day on the internet that diamond jewel cichlids are not your most optimal choice for a community tank. one for one my zebra danios started to dissapear. the probl;em i have is that i've become attached to them. they are the focal point of my tank. they've laid eggs a couple of times now but without success. i only have two mollies, five red eye tetras and one pleco left in my tank. the jewel seems to leave them alone. the thing is that my tank looks a bit empty and would like to know which fish i can put with my jewel pair. can someone please give me some advise.
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