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That is another thing you check for.

But even with an hob overflow that breaks siphon, you should adjust so that even in that case you don't get a flood. Again, the sump runs out of water before the upper container floods. I test for that by just forcing the siphon break/ drain blackage.

I also use the return pump or a powerhead to suck out any air in a hob design. To help prevent siphon breaks and reestablish siphon should siphon be lost.

I also make overflows from pvc pipes with a water trap design. So the overflow boxes are not necessary. But then ugly pipes are. :lol:

my .02
I never cared for siphoning water out of the tank. I used a CS90 for a long time with no problems (in fact it started right back up after a few power outages, no problem) but I always think about it while I am at work or away.

If anything, I prefer to drill at least the back of tank (coast to coast overflow) or buy a reef ready drilled bottom. has a good kit for putting an overflow on a tank. If not, you can probably DIY the process with a Diamond hole saw and a bulkhead.
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