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Hello everybody....

I usually buy fish in pairs or in groups when they're young. They seem to do better - lessed stressed feeling protection in a group...Once they pair, I find another home for those that didn't pair - if the fish are territorial. I feel awful giving fish to a local pet store (not knowing where they'll end up), but I'm have also been fortunate to have fellow fish lovers living nearby that have awesome tanks usually with plenty of room - who's tanks make me quite humble...

Ok, so here's the question - offically, I know oscars do fine if kept alone or as the sole oscar amongst other large/medium fish. ...So, "unoffically," do you guys feel it's humane to raise a small oscar to adulthood without any contact with others of his own species - other oscars? I'm getting (at least one) for my 120g Chiclid tank - to be housed with Jacks and a school of larger barbs....

If this topic has already been discussed - please accept my sincere apologies.....

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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