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This post is for 15 or 25 male Endlers of either Orchard, Green, Chili or mixed shipped to your door by USPS. These fish have awsome color, are very active and the colors make the tank POP from across the room. Many of these fish carry the Blond Endler gene and Blonds are hard to find. These fish were all born and raised here in my fishroom or outdoor pools and come with a live arrival / health guarantee. Fry Scoops,
(10 or more unsexed fish), females and additional males are available ask for a price quote. P.M. me with email for photos.

15 Males $24 shipped
25 Males $28 shipped
5 Females mixed add $8 with order
1 Fry Scoop mixed add $5 (Typically between 10-15 fish) with order
Make your own deal, P.M. and I'll respond by email

Self-Cloning Crayfish $4 e.a. with order or add $10 shipping
Odds and Ends Swords $1.50 e.a. with order
Rad or Gold MM Platys-Young and growing fast-with order 5 for $7-10 for $13
Male or female Betta free with any order if you would like one.
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