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Orange water?

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Having an issue with orange water....

I have 5 smaller sized tropical fish in my 10 gallon tank, they all get along well and don't seem to be stressed about the water but its orange.. I have been keeping up with maintaining the tank for the past 2 weeks, before that it was a tank for my female bettas. I did move recently so maybe its the water in the area that is bad? I also have it by a window and the food I use is supposed to be a non water color changing brand of flakes.... Any ideas?
Never had this issue before.
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Sounds maybe like Iron in the water... or rust in the pipes? Is there any colour in the water when you first fill a glass in the morning? When you first turn on the taps? You might not be able to see it at that volume... what about a full white bathroom sink? or the bath tub? More water volume and you might see the tint in the water with a white background.
It's not very common but it does happen depending on where you live, I think.
Is there something nearby that is reflecting on the tank with an orange tint? Or a sticker up in the light fixture? If you took a photo of 2 tanks side by side do you think it would appear more orange than the one beside it?
Have you tried changing the light bulb to one of your other bulbs from one of the Non-orange tanks? Some bulbs have a tint to them... a blue or yellow tone to them. Especially if you use a normal household spiral bulb.

Can you post a pic of THIS tank anyway so that we can maybe give you some suggestions?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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