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Alright well I'm a little nervous, I tried phoning the girl I usually talk to at the pet store except shes not in until 4:30

Well my oranda goldfish I was going to transfer to my 30G a couple days however I noticed he has some red spots on him, well I decided to leave him in the 10G tank so that he could get better, I put in a little bit of aquarium salt, however today I noticed he isn't doing any better, last couple days they have been the same. The redness on his scales, fin, all over him, it looks like red sores. Look painful except hes still swimming around like nothing wrong, when I checked the tank today come to my surprise there is some fricken TINY white worms are larva or something, not 100% sure what it is.

I need help what should I do? These little worms are all over the sides of the tank...and my fish isnt getting any better, I dont wanna put him in the 30G tank yet just in case he is really ill... what shud i do!

Please help/1
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