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Opaline Gourami

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So an update. I decided to get a heater after all (a Fluval m100) and so I began researching other gourami (as I said before, blue gouramis are my heart species). Thanks to lilaug for all the great advice on paradise fish but after scoping out the fish shop and looking at the stock (meagre at best) and I really really really love opaline gourami.
I know their basic requirements and I am currently cycling my tank (though I'm confused because it's only been running a week and I have nitrates but only a little bit of ammonia and I was given the impression that the ammonia should be off the charts until nitrates fix it and they both go to 0 ppm).

My biggest question is: for my tank currently, how many opalines could I get? I understand they get to be 6" but would a m/f pair work even if I don't want to breed? All the videos I have watched make it seem like they enjoy the company of others.

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Not every cycle happens the same way. You may have some nitrates in your tap and that could contribute to that.

Opalines are beautiful too, I also love Platinums :-D But yes, all 3 Spot variations will enjoy the company of others of their species so you could get another Opaline or any of the 3 spot variants. How big was your tank again? 29?
If you add BB like from a supplement bottle, that does nothing for your ammonia. You also have to feed your BB ammonia by using pure ammonia if you want to do fish-less cycle or fish food/pellets.

Ah, if it's only about 10 gallons of water then you can't do any of the 3 spot gouramis, they get much too big for even a 20 high. You need at least 30 gallons for one of them, ideally you'll have a trio in a 55 gallon.
They likely aren't dead but they are hungry. Feed them something :)

Yes, one Dwarf Gourami and a couple Small tetras will do fine in that size.

Could also do Sparkling Gouramis or Croaking Gouramis (though my Sparkler's croak just as much or more than the Croaking ones did lol!) or Honey Gouramis (couple different color variants)
Yeah, never put two dwarfs together. Bad idea. They're the most territorial out of all of them. You can get a lovely trio of Honey's though, much sweeter just like their name and they can look similar to Dwarf's if you get the wild coloration type, they're beautiful!
Yeah, that's best but you can do whatever with Honey's. The male will display best when he has some females around, but won't mind if you do 3 males instead. They will spar but usually they don't do a crap ton of damage or anything. And yeah, they stay smaller than Dwarfs too so less bioload ^_^
Of course it's going to be zero everything if you don't have anything creating ammonia in it ^_^
Okay, just watch when you add the Gourami's is all. I know you are competent in fish care and all, but you'll probably get a nice little ammonia spike the day after as well. The plants will obviously help keep that down :)
Awesome ^_^ I'm sure they'll do fine! Honey's are pretty resilient :-D
Haha, no worries ^_^ I'm happy to help! Though, you can just call me 'lil' since you keep forgetting the "n" in my name ;-) haha
Lol, it's okay, I've been mistaken for many different things before ;-)

Oh no! Hopefully you find home soon!!
:-D yay! Make sure you get pics too!! ;-)
Cuties! They look great ^_^
Hard to tell from the pics, yellow might be a female.
Omg, I've missed Honey's so much! I love how they feel each other up lol!!
Idk, it's still kind of hard to tell because s/he's a little clamped which makes the dorsal more pointed.
A female will have a rounded dorsal and anal fin, normally duller color but with the selective breeding; it makes it hard to tell sometimes.
Keep Red in some water with just 1 tsp per 5 gallons in it. It's a good preventative measure to let her adjust.
Shedding slime coat is pretty normal for any stress; that includes going from the store and to your tank. Glad that's all it is though.

If it's rounded then it's female :) You likely won't see them breeding but they might since they're the only ones in the tank ^_^ You can remove the eggs if you don't want babies.
lol! I just read what I wrote. Yes, I mean AQ salt water XD

The stringy poops is also from stress and is normal. I wouldn't worry about that.

And no worries, the Gouramis would'd touch them so much. You can just put the in a breeder box once they're free swimming. Infusoria is found naturally with live plants so if you've got them, you've got infusoria ;-) But as I said, you can take any any eggs if you don't want fry. I doubt they'll actually breed, but you never know.
Can you get any frozen foods? Mine generally liked those. The Daphnia and Brine shrimp.
But just give it time, they have to settle in first :)

And yep.
Oh haha, that's not necessary ^_^ I'm just happy that you're happy with the little ones and that they're all relatively healthy! But yes, just give them some time and they should start to eat the flakes and pellets soon as well.
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