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one scale coming off otherwise healthy gourami

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Hello, I'm hoping someone will be able to help. We have one scale coming off our otherwise healthy (apparently) gourami and I'm wondering what the possible cause is. The gourami is about 4/5 years old - could it just be old age?
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Hello shrapnell and welcome to the forum.

I love pearl gouramis, they're my favorite type of gourami.

Can you describe your tank and its tankmates? It's more than likely the gourami was either nipped by a tankmate or scraped itself on some decor.

However, if the spot where the scale is coming off gets larger or becomes inflamed, the spot may be getting infected and will require some kind of treatment.
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Look down on the fish from the top of the tank. If the scales look like a pinecone it is drosey. I doubt that is the issue, but better safe than sorry. For dropsey, there is no cure.
Hello and welcome.
i too am very fond of the pearl Gourami…very pretty fish.
hows things ?
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