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One of my Tetras randomly died with no sign of illness...

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One of my cardinal tetras died randomly, whom seemed fine a couple hours before hand. I came to go to bed and couldn't find one of them, and when found, he was just lying there at the back with loss of colour and his fins chewed up. He is one of the originals and always swam with the others. so huuh? Should I be concerned for the rest?

The rest of the tetras are still doing their normal thing.

1. Size of tank? 10Gal

2. Water parameters
a. Ammonia? 0
b. Nitrite? 0 - 0.1
c. Nitrate? 4 - 6ish (looks like its rising, due for a water change anyways)
d. pH, KH and GH? pH 7.6
e. Test kit? API

3. Temperature? usually around 79 - 80

4. FW (fresh water) or BW (brackish)? FW

5. How long the aquarium has been set up? Couple months

6. What fish do you have? How many are in your tank? How big are they? How long have you had them? 3 neons, 3 cloudy minnows, betta, spotted cory, snail. All generally young(had since thank was cycled), all under an inch, except the betta.

7. Were the fish placed under quarantine period (minus the first batch from the point wherein the tank is ready to accommodate the inhabitants)? Yes

8. a. Any live plants? Fake plants? yes, 3 different types. All look to be in good health.
b. Sand, gravel, barebottom? Gravel
c. Rocks, woods, fancy decors? Any hollow decors? Coral for pH, betta cave, wall thing with a bubble tube.

9. a. Filtration? Yes, the one you get with a marina deluxe 10g... aquaclear?
b. Heater? Yes

10. a. Lighting schedule? What lights are used? around 10 hours or more a day
b. Any sunlight exposure? How long? in the basement, no direct exposure

11. a. Water change schedule? every so often (4 - 5 days) 20% change - includes gravel vaccum.
b. Volume of water changed? 20%
c. Well water, tap water, RO water? tap
d. Water conditioner used? API water conditioner, using stress coat now
e. Frequency of gravel/sand (if any) vacuumed? above

12. Foods? flakes for fish, bloodworm treat for betta, shrimp/veg pellets for bottom feeder at night
How often are they fed? once a day, with a day fast

13. a. Any abnormal signs/symptoms? none at all
b. Appearance of poop? Before today it looked like he was pooping just fine
c. Appearance of gills? redish look (normal for tetras, not ammonia burn)

14. a. Have you treated your fish ahead of diagnosis? Had a fish die of something, Hemorrhagic Septicemia was what store keepers said after hearing symptoms and seeing fish.

Treatment is done, water is already getting clear and filters are back in.

b. What meds were used? Tetracycline
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I am very confused

I cannot understand why I keep losing my balloon mollies..:( The temp is around 78 most of the time.
The water is clear as a bell after water change yesterday.


My tank has been up and running since June this year. I do regular water changes( about 25%) every week. I add salt and stress coat every time. I feed them once a day just a pinch as I only have three soon to be two...:( I have bought several of these fish because I love them but they keep dying. Can anyone tell me what to do next?
Thank you,
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